Friday, 17 June 2011

Delhi University releases terror list

I still can't get over the outlandish 100 per cent cut-off list in DU. The nightmarish news evokes despair, agony and sadistic pleasure - all at the same time. Though I am glad that I am no longer in the mad rat race of 'admission impossible', the very thought that this pressure is breaking backs of young college aspirants is deeply saddening.

It seems being a book worm is just not enough. Be a book termite, gulp down your tomes, and burp out fallacy-proof answers. The ones even Google can't! Internet is already flooded with a barrage of jokes shooting down this absurd cut-off list. What's next - are they going to ask for a 100% + science Olympiad winners + 2000 plus Twitter followers - next year as prerequisites?

The sword is no longer dangling over college aspirants. It has cut off a major chunk of self-esteem of students who have potential to shine and not academically I mean. Varsity always meant playful banter, benign flirting, U-specials, cheap thrills and lots of aspirations. I feel all this has been nipped in the bud now. With marks being the sole factor in a student's life, I doubt if anyone would take sports, dramatics, college fests and elocutions seriously. Who would have the time to waste..when it can be used to mug up for exams.

Even filmmakers could not anticipate that few years down the line a century would make the cut. Else, SRK would have got a neat 100 in 'Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa' (My all time fav). My grandfather proudly recalled how my dad got distinctions in all subjects in school. Time really has changed...and not for good. With options so few, one can't even spark the debate over college versus course now.

I have no clue what will happen when my toddler goes to university. Either I slog my a** out and save enough to pay hefty donations...or just let her be. I honestly one can or should get 100 per cent because every argument has two sides and every reasoning evokes a different response.

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  1. SO the final take on the whole saga is that if the university which could not decide the cut off list rationally, how can we expect it to play an anchor of quality learning. After all we expect universities to be agents of change with contribution towards research and inventions.