Monday, 25 June 2012

Top weird habits of Desi travellers

I often bump into peculiar people and I thought it was only fair to dedicate a blog to them. They are Indian travellers who have queer traits, questionable habits and are oddly funny. Some of them make me laugh and some squirm. We Indians have much more than a funny bone and we happily stick it out on foreign shores. Though, there are a few habits, I wish, they could just leave behind before that final security check! Here's the list:

1 Few Indians annoy with their embarrasing antics and posing for a snap in the middle of a busy street tops the list. We all love to capture memories, but why anyone would want a snug picture with duck-shaped trash cans or an ugly stuffed monkey in a burger joint is just beyond me. Worse, they stop others to take multiple pictures.

2 It's a wholesome sight to see buxom aunties wear Winnie-the-Pooh night-suits at breakfast buffets. These corpulent ladies love to wear peddle-pushers and dresses meant for a size zero frame. It is just these aunties and some uncouth men who love to stack food on their plates like little pyramids. Sausages, Idlis and lettuce - all form a strong base - nevermind the fusion. 

3 I have seen some people slather butter and other spreads on their bread before pushing them in the toaster at the hotel's breakfast buffet section. It's not funny that most hotels in Asia now have a placard next to their oven that says, 'Please Do Not Put Kaya Or Butter On Bread Before Toasting Them'. This request is clearly aimed at us given the way we conduct ourselves in a foreign land.

4 It's also painful to see these travellers converse with fellow Indians in broken English, even if Hindi or Tamil is their common mother tongue. Interestingly, Punjabis thaw the ice with their chaste dialect. But some people who try too hard to speak in English with other Indians sound like Chinese students in an English 

5 Attacking the 1 Dollar store!!! Well, we all like a good bargain but it's crazy to see Desi travellers noisily discuss which gift item should go to which cousin back home - right there in the middle of the store. Photoframe for Bittu and bracelet for Dolly - all for just one Dollar each!

6 And then there are some travellers like me who click naughty pictures and gleefully share them with friends!

Note: If you know of similar peeves of Indian tourists, please help me to update this list.


  1. Oh dont worry so much. Except you, no one really cares about how Indians act, Indians speak, what Indians buy etc. It's nice to see sophisticated souls such as yourself feeling embarrassed at the less sophisticated (but clearly as much or more moneyed) indians' perceived shortcomings. let them be.

    If you feel that despite your investments in sophistication and years or recasting yourself, you too will be, unfortunately and undeservedly, considered the same as those unwashed masses, there's always skin bleaching and plastic surgery and a phoren citizenship to consider..

    1. Dear Anonymous. Thanks for writing in. The post was not a social commentary but as I say in my introduction, is greatly influenced by "peculiar people". Trust me, I have not even invested moments in fake sophistication, but only behave reasonably well in public places.

  2. Well I agree with the aunties thing. They ARE actually annoying!

  3. I lurve the sarcasm!!.. And chuck away the haters..especially the ones who cant comment using their actual profile names.

    1. Thanks Harisankar for your kind words.

  4. Such a pessimistic blog ! No one can judge what is right and what's wrong! 1 dollar shop? Taking pictures ? The buffet ? Lol none of the above affects anybody for that matter It's all personal ! God !! Save earth from these kinda bloggers!