Monday, 10 December 2012

If Deals & Discounts excite you, read on!

The term “online shopping” used to give me the heebie-jeebies, at one point of time. What if the size wouldn’t fit? What if the product is not genuine? What if the product is found to be broken/torn upon unpacking? My skepticism kept me from buying things online no matter how much those super-saver deals lured me. The S-A-L-E adverts kept staring at me helplessly from the right-hand corner of my Facebook page, till last year when I finally gave in.

So far, clicking and adding to the cart “from the comfort of my home” has been a positive experience. The recent one was with – the e-store offering deals and discount on mobiles, jewellery, watches, fragrances, home appliances and many more. Basically, all fine things that make a woman’s heart beat faster!

VaRighty gifted me a voucher to experience shopping at their website and I am glad I logged in. I found myself navigating through a sea of branded utility products with great discounts.Some even had the fabulous 90 per cent off tag reminding me of the Black Friday sales. I chose an Elizabeth Arden perfume for myself. All I had to do was feed in my voucher number and address details, and the transaction was processed in less than 30 seconds. It was that quick.

The transaction clearly mentioned that the product would be delivered within 5-6 working days. My neatly, carefully packed perfume bottle was in my hands on the 5th day itself. The several layers of protective packing that I kept on peeling ensured that my fragile product was delivered with utmost care. The fragrance that I chose was mild and woody daywear - just the way it was beautifully described on the site.

Elizabeth Arden's Beauty
Free shipping, cash on delivery and guaranteed authenticity are just a few features that make me happy. What made me happier was a wide range of quirky home décor items like a Sentiments bedsheet with a couple and love quotations, a funky range of pen-drives, stylish Guess watches, and exclusive hand-picked artifacts – to name just a few.

My sole gripe is that VaRighty does not stock up clothes and shoes. I am not particularly upset by the absence of the books category as I understand that it may not belong to their line of business. But lifestyle is incomplete without clothes and shoes. I hope they make an appearance soon on the e-store and that too in EVERY possible size!

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