Monday, 27 August 2012

The Tiger sensation

I am totally zapped. The news that Ek Tha Tiger is the biggest grosser ever makes me sink my face in my palms and ponder. I pondered the same way when I read that Brangelina has decided to walk the aisle. I mean why on earth now they want a wedding? They happily snuggle in exotic locales, have charming kids with efficient nannies in tow and certainly have a Dollar plant in their French hamlet – why now after such a near perfect life they want to get married is just beyond my comprehension. Coming back to our chimerical Tiger, the conundrum called Salman Khan - is equally difficult to fathom.

The movie was OK, despite unbelievable stunts generously thrown in. As a RAW agent, out superhero slides down the stairs on an upturned table, brandishing pistols and pumping bullets into the bad guys. If I were in his place – I would have held my table tight with both the hands and sought forgiveness from the almighty for all my sins.

Next, out superhero, literally hops, skips and jumps onto the roof of a tram in Dublin to chase the bad guy.  He even stops the speeding tram by using the sheer power of his jacket and tensile strength. Another “impossible” stunt that left me bewildered was when our Hero twists a pole with his left hand and swings onto the other building using his support. Now Kabir Khan, you really want me to believe that?

My mouth was agape in most of the scenes – but the last one takes the cake. Our desi bleeding, bruised Bond chases an aircraft on his superbike and re-unites with his ladylove in a very edge-of-the-seat sequence. It’s now when I read that the film has crossed the Rs 200 cr mark, I have realized that Salman Tiger Khan is a roaring phenomenon. I'm sure even those 3 Idiots are devising a formula to decode this mystery called Salman. It's incredible how he makes that humble Ramu kaka gamcha look so uber kool. The houndstooth patterned scarf that Salman wore in the film has its own respectable identity now.

Now whether you like his tawdry bathroom humour or not – he is not stopping midway to please you. He manages to get both seetis and success from his loyal fan base.

All I can say is that weird and unbelievable things happen in reel life and real life (really wants to see if Pitt actually takes away Jolie as his lawfully wedded wife!)

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