Sunday, 9 September 2012

Good food and a good read is all you need!

Yay!!! Here comes my first award as a blogger. All thanks to the very talented Yashodhara Lal, Author of ''Just Married, Please Excuse'' and HarperCollins for coming out with this interesting contest. I sent my entry and was pleasantly surprised to learn that I was one of the chosen ones. I, along with other winners, was invited by Yashodhara, also a mother of three (how she manages that?) for a luncheon at Gurgaon’s newly opened Mamagoto, a fun pan Asian restaurant.

The soiree was so much fun with other bloggers around that time just breezed by. I not only met up with my favourite mommy bloggers but also some very interesting people with a gifted dose of humour. And of course, Yashodhara’s parting gift – a signed copy of her novel “Just Married, Please Excuse'' just made my day. Thanks Y, the novel is a side-splitting take on the newly married life and gives a fair view about marriage to all those couples with rose-tinted glasses on.

A word for Mamagoto: The place is a must visit for its authentic Asian grub, quirky interiors, affable staff and a whole new range of waist-friendly specialties. The food is flavoursome, drinks just perfect to wash it all down and a relaxed ambience where you can laugh your heart out. It’s such a welcome break from other highbrow Oriental restaurants where all you can hear is the clinking forks and spoons!

Hey, if you are married or contemplating taking the plunge anytime soon, go get yourself a copy of ‘Just Married, Please Excuse'. I promise it’s a joyride you don’t want to miss.

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